Copyright Statement

by Naveen Agnihotri

All text and pictures on this Web server are copyright 1998-2006 by Naveen Agnihotri. Here are the terms of my blanket license:

Printing of photos for personal use

If you want a copy of one of my pictures to stick on your fridge or use in a school project or cover a crack in your wall, then please feel free to print anything you like from my site.

If you would like a museum-quality print from the original slide or negative, please send me email.

Non-commercial Web use of photos

If you have a personal home page or non-commercial Web service, please feel free to use my photographs with hyperlinked credit. Acceptable HTML is:
Photo courtesy of <a href="">Naveen Agnihotri</a>
So people know where the picture came from.

Commercial Web use of photos

If you would like to use my pictures on a commercial page, then please do the following:
  1. register the URL with me (sending email is fine)
  2. add the hyperlinked credit as above
You do not need to pay for usage, either, though I reserve the right to deny usage on sites that I find to be truly poisonous.

If you are not covered by any of the above and want to use my images, then please send me email.