Sites of Interest

Long years ago, I put together a list of (what I think are) useful pointers to miscellaneous places on the WWW. As time passed, I kept taking off the links that stopped working. Then I stopped.

This page provides a snapshot of what I thought were interesting things to do on the web in 1995. That seems like such a long time ago. It is a testament to the fleeting nature of the web that almost all the links on this page are broken.

Generally useful technical sites

The Information Mechanics Page at MIT
This is a useful page to start looking for general information on Cellular Automata, and also has links to other sites of interest.

Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology Pages
An excellent starting point for exploring the web on anything to do with molecular modelling, nanoelectronics, and the like.

Molecular Biology Computational Resource
An authoritative source of resources related to molecular biology, genetics, and the like.

Web-related stuff

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The first guide for everyone who wants to learn HTML.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Brief, newer, simpler version with a link that works.

Why the Web Sucks
Creating Web pages is not easy, and most people are not very good at it. C J Silverio has written a good essay on why that is the case. Read it to find out what NOT to do with your Home Page...

Why not code for Netscape
An excellent explanation for why "cool" Netscape tags are a curse mush more than a boon. A must for any web author.

The Netscape Conspiracy
Read about the five most common mistakes made by newbie web authors when making home pages, and how to avoid them...

The Netscape Hall of Shame
This is what happens when inconsiderate web authors start using Netscape...

The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
Now this is my idea of a really well-done set of WWW documents.

Greek Letters and Mathematical Symbols
Some Generally useful mathematical symbols, that are often required to create scientific web documents.

For converting all kinds of other formats to HTML.

Other interesting things

Arthur C Clarke Laws
These indellible statements represent the views of one of the most revered figures of science fiction. Like everything else by him, charming in their simplicity, amazing in their depth...

Hot Wired Magazine
Probably the first cool on-line magazine, still one of the best.

The Church of the SubGenius
The world's only admittedly for-profit, non-tax-deductible religion....

As The Web Turns
The On-line Soap Opera!

I won't tell you anything more!