Bob Dylan
performing at the concert

Bob Dylan and Paul Simon

When attending what was clearly a landmark concert --- in Madison Square Garden on July 27th, 1999, I had my Minolta Hi-Matic, with a few shots left in it. I took these pictures. Samantha, the cute girl who'd gone with me, didn't think any of these pictures would actually turn out, so I made this page just to show her what $40 cameras can do.

She said that her camera would never be able to take pictures in the dark. Clearly, she owns a much more expensive camera. :-)

The concert itself was fantastic. Bob Dylan was good, and Paul Simon (who is one of my most favourite performers) was phenomenal. It was clear why he has a reputation of being a perfectionist. Everything at the concert was perfectly choreographed and planned -- right down to the virtuosic interludes. I had a great time.

Bob Dylan
   performing Paul Simon